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SA Rodeo is not a rodeo organizer or club. As the only rodeo regulating body in South Africa SA Rodeo manages and regulates various clubs with facilities all over South Africa. Join your local Rodeo club and learn more about their locations and events. 



All over South Africa various clubs have staged rodeos at mostly rural areas where farmers and venue owners have made their facilities available to stage a local rodeo. These events are mostly held at agricultural shows. If you have an event or show and would like to add a rodeo event to your program, please contact the SA Rodeo office @



SA Rodeo maintains strict safety rules and regulations for animal and human participants. All rodeo equipment is either supplied by SA Rodeo or need to be approved by our safety and wellfare officers before it is allowed to be used in an event. 

Safety gear


As your life as well as the lives of the animal competitors are valued by SA Rodeo, you will be obliged to adhere to the rules and regulations concerning all attire and equipment. 

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